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When it comes to safety, we got you.

For a limited time, we are offering our members a  free 1-year subscription to Citizen Premium. Sign-up to receive the  promo code.

Citizen Premium

Citizen is available on iOS and Android. Citizen Premium provides subscribers 24/7 unlimited access to Citizen’s team of highly trained agents through video, call, or text whenever subscribers feel unsafe or uncertain about their surroundings.

Citizen provides a real alternative to calling the police.

Agents are highly trained and come from a variety emergency response backgrounds.

Instantly connect with Citizen agent via video, audio, or text, 24/7.

Connect in the way that works best for you.

Proactive check-ins and follow-ups from your Agent to make sure you’re safe. 

Agents will stay with you until you reach your destination.

Stay Safe in Every Environment.

With Live Location Monitoring, whether you’re walking home late at night, meeting someone new,  your Citizen agent has the ability to keep you safe.

SnapCo X Citizen

Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe

For many marginalized communities, calling the police can lead to more violence. We are partnering with Citizen to provide a real and practical alternative to calling the police. With Citizen Premium, a team of highly trained agents are available 24/7 to "tap in" during a crisis and connect you to a variety of non-police, first responders and emergency services. 

Citizen’s premium service is $20 a month/$240 a year, making it financially unfeasible for many underserved communities that are in need of  safety alternatives. Through our partnership, we are making Citizen premium available to Atlanta's most marginalized and vulnerable communities for FREE. For a limited time, when you sign up with SnapCo, you will receive a promo code for a free 1-year subscription. Hurry, sign up now!

When it comes to safety,

we got you.

Receive free 1-year subscription to Citizen's Premium service when you sign-up with us.

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