snap4freedom collaborators & good juudies!

Enormous thanks to the brave group of founders and visionaries of this beautiful experiment; Xochitl Bervera, Dee Dee Chamblee, BT and Ms. Marilynn Winn, Dean Steed, and Toni-Michelle Williams, doing much of the thinking, planning, and dreaming that resulted in the Racial Justice Action Center and the Blue House. Big Love to our thoughtful group of comrades who were early advisors and supporters of this beautiful force and energy of collaboration called SNaPCo.

These incredible people include Atlanta based Troya Sampson, Evelyn Lynn, Everette Harvey Thompson, Kung Li, Jerome Scott, Lisa Adler, Vanessa Faraj, and our beloved Juan Evans. Blowing kisses to our local and national partners, sisters, siblings, and beloveds: Jess St. Louis, Toya Washington, DJ, Raquel Willis, TK Hotep, Lynn Morrison, Moki Macias, Taviana Rousse, Simaya Turner, Lee Evans, Shanell Mathis, Jamie Roberts, Aria Sa’id, Imara Jones, Monica Jones, Andrea Ritchie, Raquel Laviña, Sumitra Rajkumar, Clay Smith, Margarita Hernandez, Staci Haines, Spenta Kandawalla, Altaa Starr, Mawu Lisa, Prentiss Hemphill, Denise Perry, Che Johnson- Long, Woods Irvin, Ola Osaze, Kamau Walton, Karissa Lewis, Eric Paulk, Johnny Raye Kornegay III, Ashley Coleman, Maxx Boykin, Lisa Anderson, Courtney Weber, Anne Pollock, Mary Hooks, Eshe Shakura, Jamie Freya Knotts, Holiday Simmons, Ashleigh Atwell, and a host of foundations and organizations who support and fund our brilliance! Thank you for believing in our movement. Without you, we would not be able to do the incredible, liberatory work we were destined to do.